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White iPhone 4 Delayed By Apple Until Spring 2011

Posted on October 26th, by Effie Tjhai in archive, featured. No Comments

Just hearing the though of it, could give one a chill but this is real. Apple has decided to delayed the launch of white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011. Apple themselves has confirmed this information. Their spoken man, Trudy Muller, has publicly apologize to their customers “We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again.” There’s no information on why this is happening.

The white iPhone 4 has been delay constantly, unfortunately we never get to know why did this happened. The rumor pointed out the reason caused by the white coloring of the handset, manufacturing flaws in the case, and also the lack of supplies. We just hoping the device won’t arrived at the same times as the next generation of iPhone 4, the iPhone 5.

[via IntoMobile]