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Vodafone Plans to Not Charge Users for Surpassing Mobile Data Limits

Posted on May 11th, by Evan Selleck in archive. 1 Comment

There’s unlimited plans out there. They exist. However, more likely than those unlimited plans are capped plans, which have a certain number you shouldn’t go over. And, if you do go over them, then that gives the wireless carrier in question ample reason to charge you a ridiculous amount of money because of it. The normal “cap” here in the States is 5GB, which most wireless carriers believe is as close to “unlimited” as it gets, considering the “average” user won’t ever get close to that. In Europe, though, apparently the standard user doesn’t get near 500MB.

Vodafone removed their unlimited data plans a few months back, and while there’s been a few hundred customers out there that rose a stink about it, the general populace didn’t seem to mine. So, now there’s tiered data plans back in place, which a user can choose based on their normal usage. Vodafone executives seem to believe that a large number of their customer base, if not most, will never reach 500MB, and therefore that’s a realistic limit to put in place.

But, they realize that there are power users out there, and because of that, they aren’t going to charge for overages in your data plan. At least, not for a few months. In June, the wireless carrier is going to introduce a free text service that will fire out to customers who are getting close to their limit, and then it will help them monitor their usage from that point onward. Basically, it’s there to tell you how much data you’re using, how far over the limit you are, and that if you continue on your current course, extra charges could be put in place. But, not for a few months, anyway.

It’s a good plan. And, as warnings go, this is just as good as getting a warning for a bill that’s going too high. Considering that Vodafone is obviously getting money from their tiered data plans, then allowing the “few” power users out there “free” usage over the listed limit isn’t a bad thing at all. We’ll find out how it goes over the next few months, and update you if Vodafone changes things around again.

[via Tech Radar]

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