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Video: New HTC TouchFLO 3D Manila 2.5 Leaked

Posted on June 26th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured, videos. 3 comments

HTC is set to released a new version of its TouchFLO 3D, which has been demoed on the video below. The Home tab has got 3 program shortcuts added, and more shortcuts can be accessed by pressing the more arrow. HTC has also built in more features to the Settings so that you can handle more tasks with its interface alone! The ROM has not been leaked to the public yet, it is currently able to use on WVGA devices only according to the source.


YouTube Preview Image



[via pocketnow / wmpoweruser]

  • p3ngwin

    woa woa woa woa!

    did he say “Firestone” ?

    we NEED a translation of this NOW !

  • http://www.verticalnewsfeed.com Fred Basset

    If Microsoft think that a couple more icons dotted here and there will make any difference, then the ‘soft’ in Microsoft refers to their brains.

    Have they NOT realised that it’s only Windows Mobile that requires the use of a stylus. Please.

    Sorry but Windows Mobile is sh1t!

  • Raphael

    Fred… Dude… That german guy showed you NOTHING of MS. its all the htc touchflo3d shell overlapping windows mobile. And besides that german dude used a stylus but both wm6.5 and htc manilla are getting finger friendlier by the minute. I know. Because i always have the latest “STABLE” beta roms on my htc touch pro. Now.. if only they would implement TASKS in a nice manner… and give us choices what weathertab we want… then i will die happy. and i’m taking me phone with me!!