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Verizon Wireless Working Hard on iPhone HD Advertisement Campaign

Posted on May 11th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Receiving contradicting reports about one particular hot item of news, even in a matter of just a few hours isn’t a new experience in this line of work. Or this industry. It tends to happen all the time, and it’s enough to make any unsuspecting person out there be confused beyond their wildest imagination. This time around, after we had just heard that AT&T and Apple had a 5-year deal starting in 2007, now we hear a rumor that Verizon Wireless has been working since 2007 on a strong iPhone advertisement campaign.

And now that the iPhone HD is set to be released upon the world this year, Verizon Wireless believes now is the time to get those marketing materials ready. According to a rumor from CrunchGear, Landor Associates is busy working on an advertising campaign for Verizon Wireless. And, sure enough, it’s for the iPhone HD. Apparently these Associates have been working on Verizon branding since 2007, and now it’s all being brought together for the impending iPhone HD launch.

It’s just a rumor. We get that. But, let’s be honest, the chatter around the Verizon Wireless iPhone is getting pretty strong. It might just be the strongest we’ve heard since 2007, and we’re wondering how long that can be ignored. We know that Apple enjoys AT&T as a partner for their monstrously loved handset, but Apple has to realize that a launch on Verizon Wireless could only mean more, and more, sales numbers. We’ll see where this one goes.

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