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Verizon Wireless Will Offer Windows Phone 7 This Holidays

Posted on November 22nd, by Effie Tjhai in archive, featured. 1 Comment

Verizon Wireless will offered the Windows Phone 7 for this holidays season. This news was published via Twitter. Windows Phone Twitter account was replying to a user @joeyjoyjoy regarding the user question on Microsoft getting some CDMA network.

Come to surprise, an official Microsoft-run Twitter account said “WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season,” in reply to the question. There’s no official announcement from either site of Microsoft nor Verizon. But with this, we can presume that Verizon will be carrying the WP7 phone. And also, they did mention there will be more devices arriving to Verizon in early 2011.

[via Engadget]

  • philfactor

    Wait a second!

    I thought MS previously announced that Windows phone 7 would not support CDMA devices (Verizon, Sprint) until 2011?