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Verizon Wireless 6 Months Ahead of Schedule for Launch of LTE

Posted on March 11th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

While 3G is an acceptable rate of speed for most people, there’s nothing stopping progression. And while Sprint is a bit ahead of the game, working with Clearwire to bring their 4G technology to a couple cities already, Verizon isn’t bothered by it. They’re still moving ahead with their plans to launch their first LTE-capable device in 2011, but now the Big Red Checkmark is actually six months ahead of schedule, so change is coming sooner than you think. But, is it a good thing?

If the Wall Street Journal is correct, then the first 4G LTE device is going to get released in about the middle of the year, 2011. As we mentioned above, this is six months ahead of Verizon’s initial schedule, so things with the technology and handsets must be going better than expected. These devices in question are going to use two chips within the handset, so that 4G can be used at the top, and that 3G can be the “fall-back.” So, you’ll go from having “super-speed” to “high-speed.” That doesn’t seem like a bad thing, right?

Unfortunately, with the faster speed, and the higher cost of the technology powering that speed, it seems that Verizon already knows they’re going to have to recover some losses. So, we may be on the horizon of saying good-bye to unlimited voice and data plans. Why? Because the Big Red is apparently going to move to metered data rates to help recover the majority of loss they’ll incur after setting up the network. So, if this does turn out to be true, then you’ll have to reign in your enthusiasm to show off your “super-speed” device to your friends. It’s all about self-control.

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