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Verizon iPhone 4 Advertisement Attack AT&T Wireless Connection

Posted on February 4th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. No Comments

Today, Verizon iPhone 4 pre-order started and we are hoping that the device will actually hit our door by the time that they promise. Aside from that, Verizon has just put up their iPhone 4 advertisement. It’s simple yet attractive for its audience.

The commercial begin with a deep male voice:

“It’s beautiful.”
“It’s intelligent.”
“But does your network, work?”
The phone stop instantaneously and it begins to ring. A hand took it, unlock the device, and starts using it followed by one striking phrase.
“Yes. I can hear you now.”

Verizon did attacked AT&T network harshly in this commercial. According to TechCruch folks, Apple has signed off for this commercial before it was air by Verizon. Check out the commercial here.

YouTube Preview Image

[via SlashGear]