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Verizon Giving Away $200 For Purchasing Their iPhone 4

Posted on January 18th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. 1 Comment

If you have purchase a new smartphone, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between the end of November and beginning of January, but you want Verizon new iPhone 4, you don’t have to worry. Verizon is now offering a great deal for their customers.

Check out Verizon’s own iPhone FAQ which found by the folks from BGR.

Current Verizon customers who purchased and activated new smartphones, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between 11/26/2010, and 01/10/2011, are eligible to receive up to a $200 Visa debit card when they purchase an iPhone 4 at full retail price by 02/28/2011 and return their existing phone. Note: This offer is only available on consumer accounts with five lines or less, who are purchasing iPhone 4 through Verizon Wireless retail stores, telesales, or through verizonwireless.com.

Basically what you have to do is turn in your recent bought device, purchase the iPhone, and you will finally received $200 from Verizon Wireless.

[via MobileCrunch]

  • Keith Bramlett

    Full retail price is what? $649. I’d rather get clipped for the early termination fee and start over.