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US Cellular Picking Up the HTC Desire?

Posted on April 14th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

There’s just something entertaining about this story. We’re not sure if it’s in a good way or not. The HTC Desire, which has shown up here quite a few times, is one of the prized Android-based devices not only in Europe, but all over the world where Android fans are lurking. Its features are enough to make anyone want it, and that’s why we would have thought that one of the big carriers here in the States would have picked it up.

But, instead, it looks like the Desire may be, in fact, heading to the nationa’s sixth largest wireless carrier, better known as US Cellular. While the carrier is a strong contender in the Midwest, where strong customer support and loyal customers are the norm, it’s still a regional carrier and nothing more. So, you’ll have to forgive us, if we’re at all a little shocked that the Desire has shown up on a rebate form for the carrier.

There’s no release date mentioned on the rebate form (and there usually isn’t), but it does say that potential customers have until July 15th, and starting April 16th, to buy the handset to be eligible for the rebate. We’d be willing to be that this is a mistake, unless this is seriously the biggest cover-up in cell phone history. Not only is US Cellular a small network (comparatively), but it’s also a CDMA-based network, which means all those other GSM-based devices would be the exception to the rule. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, but since the 16th is only two days away, we’re sure we’ll have the answer –one way or another– very soon.

[via Howard Forums]