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The White iPhone 3G Unboxing: Not the Best Color Design

Posted on July 11th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured, photo gallery. 30 comments

While most of the Apple product are nice in white color scheme, the white iPhone 3G only get the sexy part on its back cover. When you are looking at the white iPhone 3G from the front, it actually looks like the black iPhone 3G. Turning to the back view gives you a nice white shiny cover, but from the side view it is just weird. Check out the photo gallery inside.









Source [mobile01]

  • Human

    Forgiving your grammer, exactly who are you and why am I supposed to think you have any taste?

  • patmac

    Thanks for the pics (despite your fashion sense)! While I’d been planning to get an 8 gig, I’m now going to have to pay a bit extra for the 16 so I can get a white one. Gorgeous!

  • papichon

    For sure, there is a visual discrepancy in the overall design. I can bet White version will get a lot of stocks in the next few months…

  • http://n.a.com jrcrow

    yah..frikkin ugly..noot that I care to ever get an iphone at this point..lol..the issues with the new one already!..It would be better if the whole unit was white or even white striped maybe?..but without the apple logo

  • LOL

    Human, its ‘grammar’

  • Chris

    The Storm Trooper phone. Woo hoo!

  • dreish

    Do I see not one, but two examples of Muphry’s Law in just six comments? That’s amazing.

    As everyone knows, the white iPhone is the more practical one for two reasons:

    1. You can more easily tell whether or not it is upside-down in a darkened room.
    2. If you collect enough of them you can play a very expensive game of Reversi.

  • XD

    LOL, it is “it’s”. Not “its”.

  • Johnny

    I have to admit ,i have the 16 gb Black I-Phone and i went into the APPLE store in San Francisco recently and just wished i’d been patient and waited to see the WHITE version. I Love it! it’s clean stylish and very APPLE STYLE,Mmmmmmmm
    Yes, I do like the Black also but there’s something more original about the WHITE.
    Is it a Girls phone? Rubbish! If so,then maybe all us guys with our WHITE Macbooks need to think again if WHITE means that we’re effeminate,LOL.


    LOL, Human you are a douche! Go sodomize yourself with a rubber baton.

  • lola

    I love the white one!..;is just gorgeous:D

  • MeGaMaN

    When I heard there was a white version of the iphone, I couldnt wait, but to be honest, I think it looks decent, but not great. I hope apple drops a version of the iphone that is ALL WHITE, front and back … are you listening Mr. Jobs? :)

    For my personal preference, I already got a black 2G 32GB Touch and its great!!! I’d like to have an all white phone to distinguish between the two quick and easily as I’d carry them both around. Just a suggestion for the good people at Apple who are killin the market with sales … oh, and in Canada, can you please drop the rule that you MUST get a data package … that is just … annoying!

  • Jmozey

    I like it but I really think if it had a white front it would look a whole lot better.

  • jakulero

    ——magjakulan tayo——

    i also believe that the iphone should be pure azz white… it would look wicked… just like chicken mcnuggets dipped in sweet and sour sauce… or getting a condom with ribbed… or so they say here in england uk.. don’t eat yellow snow…

  • http://slashphone RDX

    all who are in favour of of white iphone are making the best choice its looks are very very stylish as compared to black version and fingerprints cannot be seen easily on it as compared to black so cheers go for white colour

  • http://072255568 mario

    oh ies oh

  • http://072255568 mario

    de ras ce vad acolo am si eu un iphone si lam vopsit tunyng

  • http://072255568 mario

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah

  • lalaChristine

    jezzzz, the first thing i saw was i didnt liked the white sides but the back indeed is precious :p i like it, though it looks weird with black screen -.- damn apple… i cant wait to have one!

  • lalaChristine

    oh the black is also awesome! though its a fingerprint magnet!!

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  • Criss

    The white iPhone 3G is cool. Are the stories of the cracking white iphone true?

  • Naidu

    its toooooooo royality

  • Agori12

    Sellme the white one for $200

  • Agori12

    just kidding

  • Baho


  • Baho

    oh yeah i dont like iphone i like samsung corby baho

  • Arun Appu42

    i Love white iphone yaar

  • Ailton_ariel

    qual valor otario 

  • Peoplelive

    hate it.get it in black or u no just get the iphone 4 a lot better…….ya no