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Tag: Network

AT&T Spend $780 million To Purchase More Alltel Spectrum

Posted on January 23rd, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

AT&T has decided to spend $780 million in exchange to 600,000 wireless customers. As the announcement stated, AT&T and Alltel their plan to swap some more network spectrum. It seems AT&T is striking hard as 2013 begin.

Verizon Adding 16 More Markets For Their 4G LTE Connection

Posted on December 18th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Verizon has been quite the talk of the town lately. This time we are reporting another news on the Big Red expansion. The Wireless company is extending their 4G LTE connection to 16 more markets.

T-Mobile Adding Their 4G Network Speed To 42Mbps In 55 Markets; Released the Rocket 3.0 USB data stick

Posted on May 24th, by Effie Tjhai. 3 comments

T-Mobile has just decided to doubling their 4G network speed to 42Mbps in 55 markets. Along with this announcement, T-Mobile also launching their newest product called the Rocket 3.0 USB data stick. The Rocket 3.0 USB data stick was made by ZTE.