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Tag: leak

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Found At Office Depot

Posted on April 8th, by Effie Tjhai. 1 Comment

Samsung hasn’t officially announced their newest tablet, none other than the Galaxy Note 8.0. However, for some reason, the tablet was spotted at Office Depot for quite high price. The Galaxy Note 8.0 has made its entrance in UK but as for US release, we have only a leaks suggesting an April release.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Via evleaks

Posted on March 5th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have been showered with numerous leaked of Samsung Galaxy S4. Not long ago we have seen the device benchmark results. And now, @evleaks revealed much details and precise info on the device.

Huawei Ascend P2 Images Leaked

Posted on February 20th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Huawei Ascend P2 images has been leaked. This time we are looking at the device’s camera and some of other features such as the capacitive buttons as well as the power button and volume rocker. Take a peek on the device images below.

Sony C6802 Specs Info Leaked

Posted on February 18th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

It appears Sony is busy pushing bundles of their Android smartphone for this year. We have received plenty info regarding the Sony Xperia Z but no release date yet. Now we have the Sony C6802. The device has been spotted on HTML5 test website.

LG E435 Images Leaked

Posted on February 11th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have been showered by 4 upcoming LG smartphones information. The company is gearing up for the Mobile World Congress 2013. However, we have some images on one of their budget smartphone that will be display during the MWC 2013. Check out the image below.

Sony C5303 HuaShan Pictures Leak

Posted on January 28th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have been bombarded with few numbers of the Sony C5303. The device is dubbed to be Sony HuaShan. This specific handset will brought LTE connectivity. Sony will also introduces two other difference versions. They are the C5302 and C5306.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Spec Details Along With Pictures Leak

Posted on January 23rd, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have been given quite a few of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. According to the rumors, the device will be revealed during the Mobile World Congress, which will take place in February. Now we have more details on the device along with some extra pictures.

$99 ASUS Nexus 7 Coming To CES 2013

Posted on December 19th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have been hearing some news on ASUS and Google partnership in producing and launching their upcoming budget tablet. People have been calling the device as the Nexus 7. It would cost $99 and packed with Android Jelly Bean OS.

HTC M7 Revealed

Posted on December 18th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

HTC M7 appeared early this month and now we are able to get some extra scrape on the device specs. We are still unable to insure all the information that we have on the device right now. But it won’t hurt to know some extra info that roughly would be similar to original features later on.

HTC DROID DNA International Version Leaked

Posted on November 15th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

It appears like we will be speaking some more of the HTC DROID DNA. This time @evleaks once again presented us with their newest leaked on the handset. The HTC DROID DNA international version known as the HTC Deluxe. Check out the press shot after the break.