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Tag: Jelly Bean

HTC M7 Revealed

Posted on December 18th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

HTC M7 appeared early this month and now we are able to get some extra scrape on the device specs. We are still unable to insure all the information that we have on the device right now. But it won’t hurt to know some extra info that roughly would be similar to original features later on.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II Update Hitting On December 19

Posted on December 17th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Samsung Galaxy Note II packed with Android Jelly bean OS. However, it won’t stop the device from receiving updates. T-Mobile has announced that the Galaxy Note II will be receiving an update on December 19th. The updates will bring some new features and patch things up.

Sony Odin Smartphone Leaked

Posted on October 22nd, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Recently, HTC has officially launched their 5-inch smartphone, the Butterfly J. Now Sony is busy preparing themselves to counter-attack HTC’s new Android smartphone. Sony will be launching their new phablet so called Sony Odin. Take a peek on the device after the break.

HTC One X+ Available For Pre-order Via Expansys

Posted on October 7th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

If you are a big fan of HTC One flagship then this might be a great news for you all. HTC One X+ is now available for pre-order via Expansys USA. Unfortunately there’s no official statement on the device arrival in US. AT&T has confirmed they’ll be the exclusive carrier of the phone but you might just get the device much earlier than that, thanks to Expansys.

AT&T Getting Pantech Magnus 4G LTE

Posted on August 30th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Pantech is making their way back into the market. This time they are coming with high-end smartphone. The device will be known as the Pamtech Magnus 4G LTE.

Samsung Galaxy Note II To Be Launched Later in 2012 For U.S Market

Posted on August 29th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Those who are interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note II might like this or hating it. The good news is the device sill be coming to U.S this year. The bad news is it won’t be hitting the market until later in 2012.

Android Jelly Beans OS Update Plan Revealed By Samsung

Posted on August 9th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

When a new OS comes out, many users tend to question when will they’ll be able to get them. Manufacturers are very careful when it comes to the operating system since they have to test them carefully with all the tablet and smartphone to see the operating system capability before they officially release them. Sam Mobile has released some information regarding Samsung’s plan on updating several of their devices with Android 4.1.1 OS.

Samsung Planned To Update All The Galaxy Line With Jelly Bean Leaked

Posted on August 6th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Samsung has made the Jelly Bean OS official and many are wondering when they’ll be able to actually experience it. According to SamMobile, Samsung is planning to roll out the update to some Galaxy line up smartphone. If it’s true, those who have Galaxy smartphone will be able to enjoyed it earlier than anybody else. However, we have no solid proof on this so let’s presume it is true and prepared to have a brokenhearted moment if it turns out to be false.