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Tag: iPhone Apps

British Library launches smartphone app

Posted on January 13th, by Budi Putra. No Comments

The British Library just launched its first smartphone app called the Treasures. The app is available across multiple mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and iPad, providing an in-depth multimedia experience including over 100 of the library’s greatest collection items.

Skype for iPhone Now Supports Video Calling

Posted on December 30th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

Skype has just released an updated version of its iPhone apps, allow its users to make video calls in addition to voice calls. Unlike Apple’s FaceTime, the Skype software lets you make video calls to all other Skype users on other platforms, mobile devices and notebook/desktop. Both WiFi and 3G wireless connection are supported. If you have an iPhone 3GS, the new version is still usable on your 3GS although you can only receive the incoming video stream.

Yahoo Messenger Heading To Android and iPhone handset With 3G Video Calls

Posted on October 11th, by Effie Tjhai. 1 Comment

Never thought this day will comes. Very soon you can used Yahoo Messenger and do video calls. David Katz, the web portal’s VP of Mobile mention a new Yahoo! Messenger with cross-platform video chat heading to Android and iPhone handset.

XWave for iPhone Enable Brain Wave Exercise

Posted on September 8th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

With just $99.99, PLX Devices’s XWave will allow you to see your brain activity on your iPhone by wearing a headphone-like device. The XWave senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital signals. While the company is offering the SDK for software developers to create more applications like mind control gaming, the XWave comes with an iPhone Apps to receive the digital signals and display it on the screen.

Google Mobile App for iPhone Gets Push Notification

Posted on August 24th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

Support your Google Calendar Event and Google Gmail, the Google Mobile App for iPhone can now push notification to your iPhone once you activate the feature in the account setting. According to the announcement, the event notification will appear as an alert on the screen; the new email notification works in a different way by notifying you with an  icon badge on top.

AT&T Launches U-verse Mobile App for iPhone

Posted on August 11th, by Kim Poh Liaw. 1 Comment

Available now, the new U-verse Mobile App for AT&T iPhone users gives U-verse subscribers the ability to download and watch popular TV content on their iPhone. U-verse Mobile replaces the popular Mobile Remote Access for iPhone app and incorporates the ability to browse the U-verse TV program guide, view program descriptions, schedule and manage your DVR recordings, while adding the ability to download available episodes over any Wi-Fi connection, and watch them in full-screen mode on your iPhone from anywhere.

WLM for iPhone passes one million downloads

Posted on June 29th, by Budi Putra. No Comments

Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone has been downloaded over one million times in just 5 days. In addition to this, according to Windows Team blog, there are over 24 million people who connect with Messenger friends from other mobile phones through a client application, their phone’s browser, or SMS.

New CY8CKIT-023 iPhone Dev Platform from Cypress

Posted on April 6th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

Cypress Semiconductor introduced a new development platform for Apple iPhone and iPod accessories based on its new PSoC 3 architecture. Designers can use Cypress’s new CY8CKIT-023 PSoC Expansion Board Kit to streamline design of mobile accessories using the flexible PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture. The new kit leverages the iPhone OS and the corresponding iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) to provide a two-way communication interface between apps from Apple’s App Store and corresponding accessories.

Palm OS Apps Enabled on iPhone with StyleTap

Posted on March 24th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

I am still remember my Palm OS days with the great Treo 650. While Palm OS applications can already be ran on Windows Mobile and Symbian platform using the StyleTap, the company has announced the StyleTap Platform for iPhone to enable your Palm OS applications to run on iPhone and iPod touch. StyleTap is giving a 14-day trial version at www.styletap.com/iphone. The full version is available for US$49.95.

TomTom App for iPhone Now Offers Real-Time Traffic Addon Service, Google Local Search

Posted on March 16th, by Kim Poh Liaw. No Comments

TomTom has released an updated version to its TomTom app for iPhone. The new version 1.3 now comes with real-time traffic compatibility and Local Search powered by Google. The TomTom Traffic is an optional service available for purchase on the App Store. It allows user to automatically receive traffic updates every 3 minutes. As soon as a delay is found on the route, users are notified and can be automatically re-routed to an alternative, faster route.