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Tag: Droid

Motorola Atrix 4G Will Be Launch At The End of February, Followed By Droid Bionic In Q2

Posted on January 26th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

We have to give a thumbs up for Motorola during CES for showing us a lot of wonderful gadgets. And now, Sanjay Jha, Motorola CEO has announced that the Atrix 4G which heading to AT&T will be launched at “the end of February.”

Best Buy Now Offering White Droid Incredible

Posted on December 8th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Back in September, HTC has been offering the white and red back casing for the Droid Incredible. But now, Best Buy is offering the Droid Incredible in white color. The device look more appealing and it seems, the white color devices tend to attract more female buyer. The White Droid Incredible surely appears to be more elegant and attractive.

Lockscreen Gestures Heading to DROID

Posted on November 29th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Now the lockscreen gestures available for DROID. All thanks to CyanogenMod, who has take their time to custom the new ROMs for us. Lockscreen gestures able to unlock the device with a drawing. Also, it will be immediately directed to the app in which that gesture is assigned.

Verizon Wireless Add More Devices Into The Black Friday List And BOGA

Posted on November 24th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Verizon will be offering many different Android devices this weekends. There’s the LG Vortex which given out for free ($100 mail-in-rebate) on contract tomorrow and Friday. Also, the Samsung Continuum for $99 which starts tomorrow (after rebate). Lastly, the HTC DROID Incredible price drop to $149.

Verizon Announced DROID Essential Packs For Holiday Offers

Posted on November 24th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Verizon has announced their “DROID Essential” packs for this holiday offers. There are many accessories inside the pack that will satisfied its customer. The DROID Essential pack will be a great gift option with reasonable pricing.

DROID 2 GLOBAL Ads [Video]

Posted on November 11th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Check out the new promotional video for the Motorola Droid 2 Global. The Droid 2 Global isn’t much different from the original Droid 2 but supports global roaming that allows you to make and receive calls from over 200 countries..

Verizon canceled LG enV Pro, User Guide Leaked

Posted on November 3rd, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

There’s not much information regarding Verizon’s LG enV Pro since its appearance. The device was expected to be released on November. With the new leak on its user guide manual, there’s bad news on the enV Pro that might kill it before it reach your local telco store. It is said that Verizon do not pleased by the tester unimpressed reaction on the device. The company is planning to cancel the Android smartphone.

Verizon Offered Motorola Droid 2 and HTC Droid Incredible For Only $149.99

Posted on November 3rd, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Verizon has reduced their pricing on the two DROID family, the DROID 2 and DROID Incredible. Previously, both devices were sold for $199 with 2-years contract but now you can get the same handset with $50 less that before. What’s more they also applied BOGO for the DROID 2. Just in case anybody don’t know the definition of BOGO, it’s buy one and get one free.

Verizon Motorola Droid Pro Version Will Not Have A camera

Posted on October 29th, by Effie Tjhai. 1 Comment

Commonly, cameraless version of smartphones designed for high security business environmental. This is also part of Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile trade mark. However, now Android is offering the same method to their consumer of Droid Pro. Android wished to give off the same vibe as the other on their business phone.

Verizon Brought Back The Original DROID As Certified Pre-Owned Handset

Posted on October 5th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

Last time, Verizon announced the discontinued of the original DROID. But today, Verizon shows up with surprising news regarding the device. The DROID will be available as certified pre-owned handset. Surely, its an unexpected progression from Verizon but guess its a fantastic news for most of us.