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Tag: data

AT&T 4G LTE Spreading To Four New Markets

Posted on December 10th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

AT&T is adding more and more of their 4G LTE connectivity. There will be four new markets total that ought to gain this fortunate deals. AT&T made sure to spread their 4G in speedy time period.

T-Mobile To Release Unlimited Plans On September 5th

Posted on August 25th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

T-Mobile has announced their upcoming unlimited data plans to be launch on September 5th. It is unlike any other carriers claiming to be unlimited, but place a fine print stating 5GB max. T-Mobile actually let you used their 4G connection without limits.

AT&T Mobile Data Plans To Be Release On August 23rd

Posted on August 7th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

AT&T has given us more hints on their up coming mobile data plans changes. Now, Users can choose to move to shared data plans starting on August 23rd. It seems like we can finally get a clear info on the matters.

AT&T 4G LTE Hitting 47 US Markets

Posted on July 9th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

AT&T announced that their 4G LTE coverage has reached 47 US markets with 7 new markets having been added in this newest update. The new markets conclude Greensboro-Winston Salem, N.C.; Corpus Christi, Texas; Gainesville, Ga.; Buffalo, NY; Burlington, Vt.; Wichita, Kan; and Cleveland, Ohio. AT&T claimed now their coverage hits 80 million people nationwide.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Get Hands-on

Posted on July 8th, by Effie Tjhai. 1 Comment

Folks from SlashGear has managed to get their hands-on the Verizon version of Samsung Galaxy S III. In their hands-on review you can check out some comparison speeds on each of the main three Galaxy S III’s USA carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. We have some pictures for you to see but check out the full hands-on here.

T-Mobile and Walmart Comes Up With $30 No Contract Unlimited 4G Plans

Posted on October 4th, by Effie Tjhai. No Comments

T-Mobile and Walmart has decided to partner up on giving great 4G service for their customers. Their partnership was announced today and the plan will take place on October 16th. The users will be able to get unlimited web and text 4G plans for monthly usage without contract just for $30.

AT&T Drops Unlimited Data for iPad, Changes Smartphone Plans Too

Posted on June 2nd, by Evan Selleck. No Comments

Perhaps one of the most enlightening aspects of the iPad announcement a few months back, was that AT&T had created a data plan that was, for all intents and purposes, completely revolutionary. $29.99 got you completely unlimited data, with no strings attached. Revolutionary in its own right, surely, but it made iPad customers feel comfortable that their media consumption, which is exactly what the iPad was created to do, wouldn’t be hindered in any way. But, all of that has now officially changed.

Vodafone Plans to Not Charge Users for Surpassing Mobile Data Limits

Posted on May 11th, by Evan Selleck. 1 Comment

There’s unlimited plans out there. They exist. However, more likely than those unlimited plans are capped plans, which have a certain number you shouldn’t go over. And, if you do go over them, then that gives the wireless carrier in question ample reason to charge you a ridiculous amount of money because of it. The normal “cap” here in the States is 5GB, which most wireless carriers believe is as close to “unlimited” as it gets, considering the “average” user won’t ever get close to that. In Europe, though, apparently the standard user doesn’t get near 500MB.

Boost Mobile $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan Adds 411 Calls Plus More

Posted on May 5th, by Evan Selleck. 1 Comment

Having an unlimited amount of anything is just about the coolest thing out there. It’s unlimited, which means you get to use it to your heart’s content. Of course, with most unlimited plans you have to pay quite a high price for it, but that’s why Boost Mobile is so proud of their monthly unlimited plan. $50 for everything, and now it includes even more.

AT&T’s Network Doesn’t Have Most Data Traffic

Posted on April 15th, by Evan Selleck. No Comments

Perhaps that change of pace AT&T has been talking about is a good thing. After all, when you claim that you carry the most data traffic of any of the other wireless carriers in the United States, and then a report comes out and says you actually don’t, well, things get pretty hairy. Especially when you consider the whole reason the network in questions says customers experience shoddy service because they have the most data traffic. Flimsy stories, if you ask us. But, that’s exactly what a recent report from ABI Research details.