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Sony Develops Compact Sized, High Accuracy Finger Vein Authentication Technology Dubbed “mofiria”

Posted on February 2nd, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. No Comments

Sony today announced the development of a finger vein authentication technology called “mofiria”. The technology offers quick response and high accuracy and comes in a compact size for mounting on mobile devices such as a personal computer or mobile phone.


Compared to the other biometric authentication techniques, vein authentication technology achieves uses the veins inside the human body. Finger vein patterns differ from person to person, each finger to finger, and it is said that they do not change over the years.

“mofiria” uses a unique method where a CMOS sensor diagonally captures scattered light inside the finger veins, making a plane layout possible. As a result, a small and more flexible design can be realized in building this technology into mobile devices. The vein pattern is extracted from the captured finger vein image, and data from the pattern is compressed into the size of one-tenth to store in memory, which makes it possible for the data to be stored on a mobile device.

The vein pattern can be captured without a fixed finger position, as the position of a placed finger is automatically and simultaneously corrected. The processing time for identification said to be as fast as 0.015 sec using a personal computer CPU and about 0.25 sec when using a mobile phone CPU.

Sony plans to promote the “mofiria” technology for use in mobile devices, gateway security systems and solution services. Sony will aim for commercializing this technology within the 2009 fiscal year.