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Samsung SHW-M110S has Samsung Galaxy S Features Headed to South Korea

Posted on April 23rd, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

The Samsung Galaxy S is a great handset. There’s no doubt about it. And, we imagine that a lot of people, in a lot of places around the world would love to get their hands on it. After all, it’s got so many good features that it may be hard to keep track. But, we assure you, it’d be worth it. And, while Samsung hasn’t come out and said that the SHW-M110S is the Galaxy S, we can’t ignore the details.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Galaxy S appeared in the guise of another model number. Just as it did with a T-Mobile USA-esque device earlier this month, the SHW-M110S is way too similar to the Galaxy S to not connect the dots. Featuring the same 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, TouchWiz 3.0, and a version of Google’s Android mobile Operating System, one cannot deny that the similarities are there.

And, while we mentioned that the Galaxy S has a Super AMOLED display, we’re beginning to think that in Bluetooth documentation, Super AMOLED is labeled as simply AMOLED. If that is indeed the case, it looks like the Galaxy S is indeed ready to get its act together all around the world. Can’t say that we blame Samsung for wanting to deliver it to as many people as possible: it’s quite possibly one of our favorite devices of the year (so far).

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