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Samsung Offers Substantial Contest for Developers Trying Their Bada OS

Posted on May 17th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

For developers, waiting until a particular platform offers up some kind of developer contest is just a matter of patience. Truth be told, almost all of the major ones have done something of some sort, and now it looks like Samsung wants developers to jump on their Bada wave (no pun intended), and they’re offering up quite a substantial sum to make sure plenty of people participate.

Introducing the Bada Developers Challenge, and Samsung is calling it “the biggest mobile application contest this year.” Pretty bold words, for sure. The contest itself comes with $2.7 in prizes, and it has two rounds. The first round starts May 17th (which is today, for reference). The first round will run somewhere in the ball park of three months, in which case 300 developers will be chosen from the first round. These 300 will be given Samsung Wave devices, in which they can test their applications on a real device. To participate, you’ll need to create at least one (up to two, though) application for the Bada mobile OS, and it needs to be able to run effectively in the simulator environment provided in the Bada OS Software Developer’s Kit (SDK).

Once you get into the second round, prizes include: $300,00 for the grand prize winner, or as Samsung calls it: “the Samsung Bada Champion.” There will be 7 first prize winners, which will be given $100,000 in prizes. Second and third place will have 8 winners, and will receive $60,000 and $40,000 in prizes respectively. There will be 10 “special winner” prizes, which basically entails the developers creating small, highly optimized applications. They will be given $30,000 in prizes. And finally, 56 runner-ups will be given $8,000 in prizes. So, basically Samsung is throwing money at developers, hoping that they’ll be able to launch the Bada mobile OS handset later this year with a strong developer community. It’s a good way to handle things, if you ask us.

[via Samsung Bada blog]