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Samsung Galaxy S Launching in 110 Countries Simultaneously

Posted on June 1st, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Lofty goals are never absent in the mobile industry. It’s good to have goals, we imagine, as it means you have something to aim for. However, we are of the mind to think that some goals, albeit nice to hear, should be left in the boardroom, and not necessarily publicly announced. Why? Because if it fails, well, then only the execs know about it, and not the angry masses. Samsung didn’t heed our unspoken warning though, and if some particular sources are correct, it looks like Samsung does indeed believe the Galaxy S is destined for great things all over the world.

The Android 2.1, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor beast of a phone is already rumored to be making its way to India some time here very soon (at least in the month of June), and we know a variant of the “main device” is already available in South Korea. So, is that what Samsung means? Variations of the same device, with different names, popping up all over the place? It would make sense to us, and it’s just clever enough in the play on words that we could see Samsung getting away with it.

The Korea IT Times has it on some unofficial word that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S in 110 countries simultaneously. Furthermore, they’re planning on doing all of this by the end of June. That’s going a long way to say that Samsung’s got the Super AMOLED manufacturing figured out. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next, but it sounds to us that the latest flagship device from Samsung is very, very close to launch.

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