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Rumor: SideKick LX 2009 Coming As SideKick Blade, Running NetBSD

Posted on February 2nd, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 16 comments

The Sidekick LX messaging phone is said to have 3G/GPS equipped for its new 2009 version. According to the info found in a survey, the new Sidekick LX 2009 will also have a 3.2 megapixel camera, pre-installed social networking softwares, 3.2-inch WVGA screen and microSD card slot.

The social networking softwares will allow direct access to sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. It will also have blog publishing client and photobucket management. Other than the major enhancements and upgrades, Danger is developing the new Sidekick LX 2009 to use the NetBSD, an open source OS.

[via hiptop3

  • Misha

    If this rumored Sidekick offers all the things mentioned in the article, I would buy it. The only thing I don’t like is the name…Sidekick Blade…it kinda reminds me of the Motorola Razor…

  • http://www.tmobile.com kalyn

    i hope theres an update to the sidekick 08 and lx for 3g and youtube

  • wikicomponent

    me too i really want to get a youtube and myspace video upload and more video recording time update on my sidekick 2008.

  • Felix
  • SoleCHick

    i think it would sound better if it was called the sidekick Bladez n i wonder when this comin out

  • Quinton Hendricks

    Doesn’t have a touch screen. This phone sucks.

  • kiaaa*

    hmm I juust qot the 2O08 in januraarry ; because my Lx SuuCKed , i`d NEVEr buuy this ph0ne just because the Lx`ss had so maNyy haRdware pr0bLems .

  • http://www.myspace.com/elmaflow elmaflow

    the new sidekick has all the things that ppl been talking about such as gps 3g network and many more lucky me i went to tmobile.com and i bought it in a promo before release =)

  • emoney*

    I think its hot…I have the sidekick lx and its kool…but now and up 2 date verson of it would b better…I’m going 2 buy it wen it comes out


    okay its the same Sidekick Lx we all love but better, slimmer, bigger screen, 3G
    and no its just the Sidekick Lx, no blade, if anything thats the underground name, but not the official one

  • http://myspace.com/victoriaakavic elmo :]

    Id really like an update for my O8 . I’ve only had it for 4 months and they’re already releasinq a new one. I should have waited I quess

  • yo


  • http://GOOGLE Leeaanneex3

    I thiinkk it should DEFFENETALLY have a touchh screen….. i was gunna get it untill i heardd itt diidntt =/

  • htcdream

    Why should it have a touch screen that’s the stupidest idea. It has a full keyboard and every button you need to make it function. Just reading your comments make me angry cos you guys are such fucking nerds. If u want a touchscreen sidekick then why don’t you make your own.

  • kiidnaszTy

    How’s tha aim (instant messaging)on it ?

  • kaneya

    Man wow I jest got mi 08 I wanna up grade I hope it don’t cos but will it brake if u drop it cuz its so then and I droped mi 08 a lot and it still work great mi internet fast