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Rumor: BlackBerry Bold with touchscreen and new Storm

Posted on October 18th, by Budi Putra in featured. No Comments

Apparently RIM is going full speed with touch screen phones. BGR has posted about the new BlackBerry that is reported to make an appearance at WES 2009 (Wireless Enterprise Symposium, May 2009): a US bound HSDPA Storm and a touchscreen BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard!

The first, yeah, might be least surprising, would be a new US-spec HSDPA Storm.

The second one, it’s a mix between the Bold/Storm/with a Javelin form factor — but definitely touch (see the mega-blurry photo).  Watch out Palm, a new horror is coming soon. “This could be a really hot device as many current BlackBerry owners love the physical keyboard,” as i4u wrote. Information Week added, being able to use the excellent Bold keyboard for messages while still having a touch-screen for quick-launching apps would be a dream.

The handset, according to BlackBerryNews, is in the alpha stages right now. Its internal name is “Magnum.”  Obviously, no pricing is available at this time.

I certainly am excited about this, but when it comes to the launch dates, I became more sceptic due to RIM’s track records. “RIM takes something like forever to release anything these days, so we probably won’t see any of this till 2034,” as CrunchGear wrote. He eh.