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RIM Bursts Into Top 5 List for Global Phone Manufacturers

Posted on April 30th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Not just a big day for Waterloo’s Research In Motion. Today marks an incredible day for the company, as they have become the first smartphone-specific mobile phone manufacturer to break into the Top 5 list for global phone manufacturers. That’s right: a list that has, for years, been predominantly filled with feature phones and the like, has now been invaded by a company that creates no such thing. Times, oh they are a-changin’.

Today, the IDC released its coveted Top 5 list, along with its analysis of the market and its global impact. Of course, everyone just races to the good part: the top 5. If you were to do that yourself, you’d see that Nokia is still number one, with 107.8 million units sold in the first quarter of 2010. Second is Samsung, with 64.3 million units sold. Third, LG Electronics with an impressive 27.1 million units. Fourth, (and here’s the important part) Research In Motion with a wild 10.6 million units sold. And then rounding out the bottom is Sony Ericsson, with an estimated 10.5 million units sold in the first quarter of this year.

So, RIM just inched by, but it doesn’t matter the quantity. Just the fact that they did it at all. As it stands right now, RIM holds a 3.6 percent stake in the market share. While, comparatively, Nokia holds a 36.8 percent market share presence. Pretty impressive numbers, for both companies, but we can’t help but feel proud of Waterloo and this amazing accomplishment.

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