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RIM BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Gets the Hands-On Treatment

Posted on March 22nd, by Evan Selleck in archive. 2 comments

The BlackBerry Pearl line-up of devices is probably due an upgrade, and it looks like Research In Motion may agree. These photos clearly show the Pearl 9100, a device that has been a rumor up until now. We’ve got a nice allotment of hands-on pictures of the handset, and we have to admit that it does look pretty nice. It’s got the reminiscent feel of the former line-up, but upgrades the aesthetics in almost every way.

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 features 3G, an optical trackpad, RIM’s trademark SurePress QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, and a 3MP camera on the back with an LED flash. And, just like the BlackBerry Curve 8530, the Pearl 9100 has dedicated media keys on the top of the device. We like the fact that they’re out of the way, so that if you’re not one that listens to a lot of music or watches a lot of media on your device, they aren’t in the way of your every day usage. But, then again, we can never shy away from more functionality.

There isn’t much more known about the device, but from the pictures, we think that it won’t be too long before the Canadian-based manufacturer makes an official announcement about the device. Of course, CTIA 2010 is this week, so that seems like a perfect place to drop the bomb. They could do it right alongside another BlackBerry device. As soon as we know more, we’ll pass along the info.

[via the unwiredview]

  • http://michaelkwan.com Michael Kwan

    The keyboard is SureType. SurePress is the clicking touchscreen found on the Storm.

  • Evan Selleck

    You are absolutely correct. I meant to make the distinction in the post, but apparently my fingers just wanted to keep truckin’ ahead.

    Thanks for the catch.