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Research In Motion Building a Tablet?

Posted on April 9th, by Evan Selleck in archive. 1 Comment

RIM. The manufacturer of the prodigal BlackBerry device. They are synonymous with working and the mobile world, and are some of the most loved devices on the market. But, one of the biggest gripes people have with the company, is that they are not changing. They seem to have their own road map, and they seem almost bullish in their attempt to stick to it. While there may be nothing wrong with that for the diehard fans out there, to the general population it’s hard for them to look at a BlackBerry when you have the iPhones of the world. So, what should they do, then? How about do something completely crazy. Like, you know, make a tablet.

There’s not a lot of information to build off of here, but it looks like RIM has been working with a company called Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. (if that sounds familiar, we don’t blame you. It’s the same company that provides the screen for Amazon’s Kindle.) to manufacture screens in the 8.9-inch region. Yes, that’s clearly in the tablet range of devices, as it’s just a bit smaller than the 9.7-inch tablet that Apple just released. The wordage says that the tablet would be ready for sale late Quarter 3 2010, early Quarter 4 2010.

In addition, there’s talk of a 3.5G modem inside, along with WiFi, so that the tablet device can sync up with existing BlackBerry devices. The tablet, for obvious reasons, isn’t going to be marketed for a wide adoption, but is seemingly meant for customers who already own BlackBerry handsets. The entire ordeal is going to be subsidized by a large advertising deal, which makes sense money wise, but we’re wondering if this is true, how that advertisement would get to the end user, and would it be obtrusive. Obviously, this is something a little less than a rumor, as the information is so scant, that there’s really nowhere to go with this. All we can do is hope that more information slips out, or, better yet, some (real) images. Until then, we can certainly dream, now can’t we?

[via CrackBerry]

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