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Project Pink’s Pure Shows Off for Camera

Posted on March 6th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

We were just talking about the Turtle, the other device from Microsoft’s Project Pink, and then this happens. Gizmodo have scrounged up some live images of the Pure, the more SideKick-like device. Of course, they “hired” Mr. Blurrycam to take the still photos, so despite the fact we’re only an inch or two away from the devices, there’s still a lot to be had here. Like, for example, any real discerning features on the front of the device. And, how about what’s really going on on that screen?

From what we can tell, it seems to have the same general block-looking features that Windows Phone 7 touts, but with a distinct, very different appeal to it. We can see email, phone, messages, as well as probably what seems likely to be some kind of favorites feature. There’s obviously a camera feature there as well. So, there are some definite similarities here, but obviously this isn’t meant to be the full 7 Series experience at all.

So, what’s Microsoft’s aim here? Considering the SideKick has seemingly kicked the bucket, is this the next in line to take the messaging-centric throne? With that keyboard, and the sliding feature that kids these days seem to crave, that could be exactly it. But, if that is the case, then why is Microsoft still aiming for a 3 chassis design feature, when obviously the Pure could easily fit within the second design model. Are there really going to be that big of differences between Project Pink’s Operating System and User Interface? Probably. CTIA is just around the corner, so we’ll be sure to bring you all the updates as they come.

[via Gizmodo]