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Project Pink Gets Advertisement Treatment, Due in April?

Posted on March 6th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

The truth of the matter is, up until this moment right here, the Project Pink development was somewhat of a mystery. (Actually, it still is.) There hasn’t been any official word from Microsoft that the supposed devices under this project codename even exist, and even if Gizmodo has received a “stack of promotional materials,” we’re still missing one key, integral part of all this: official word.

But, we can’t ignore the big, bold picture here, now can we? Just by going off what we can see, it’s pretty obvious that Verizon Wireless has been chosen to launch (at least) the Turtle, the first of two devices to be linked with Project Pink. The second is known as the Pure, for the record. And while we wish we could check out more of the stack that Gizmodo received, but they’re only releasing one of the images (which you see above). The reason for that, is the source. While they’re obviously going unnamed, they’re apparently high enough in Microsoft that if too many of these things got out, their identity would become common knowledge.

Gizmodo is telling us that the rest of the pile suggests that a launch is imminent. And according to some extra tipsters that have come forward (apparently the floodgates have opened), not only is the Turtle hitting store shelves in late April, but so is the Pure. Considering the fact that Steve Ballmer told the world that Windows Phone 7 Series wouldn’t be making it to the public until this holiday season, the rumors that Project Pink is something different can pretty much now be guaranteed. The mobile Operating System on the Turtle is some kind of app-oriented system, but there aren’t any details expanding on this as of yet. We’re just eagerly anticipating some kind of new images, or even videos, of the Turtle’s User Interface in action. Considering the talk of social network integration, we hope Microsoft has found a way to make it interesting and compelling. Like it is on, you know, Windows Phone 7.

[via SlashGear]