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Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Pricing Confirmed for Vodafone?

Posted on April 16th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

It had to happen eventually, and as history would tell us, it generally happens well before the official launch. And this time around isn’t any different. There’s still no word from Vodafone officially, like an awesome press release, but if the German blog webOS-Blog is to be believed, then they’ve just got word about what future Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners can expect from Vodafone.

Generally speaking, wireless carriers around the world don’t have to be competitive with what United States-based carriers are doing. There’s no reason to be, after all. It’s not like you’ll jump ship from Verizon Wireless to head over to Germany to go get your next phone. But, it looks like Vodafone officials are playing the release of the two webOS devices close to their vest: € 579.99 will get you the Pre Plus without a contract, and € 399.90 will nab you the Pixi Plus.

But, if you’re going to sign your life away with a new multiple-year contract, then you can pick up The Pre Plus for € 149.90 and the Pixi Plus for € 49.90. Not bad pricing at all, and that will probably go a long way to make sure that the two webOS devices sell well on a carrier (for the first time). Anyone in that neck of the woods going to pick up either, or both, device?

[via PreCentral]