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Nokia’s new touchscreen gets placement in Britney Spears’ Womanizer video

Posted on October 16th, by Budi Putra in featured. 3 comments

Nokia’s new 5800 XpressMusic cellphone get prime placement in Britney Spears’ much-anticipated comeback video, Womanizer. Nokia’s new  touchscreen phone gets a 4-second nearly full-screen appearance as the video’s lead male character pulls up the device’s calendar.

Ironically, the appointment glaring at the bottom of his screen reads “product placement meeting.” Nokia Conversations wrote:

The 5800 appears throughout the video, but it’s its first viewing which, if you look closely, will give you the best laugh. With the camera zooming in on the calendar, the entry for that day hits the spirit of the thing, and offers a chuckle.

Pocock (Giles Pocock, Nokia’s man in the music chair) explains

“The idea cam from Nokia and our agency working with the record label video team and the Director to come up with the integration scenario that would work for all parties.”

[JustJared via MocoNews]

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