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Nokia N9 Prototype Leaked Out with MeeGo?

Posted on August 19th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 1 Comment

With the current smartphone battle focus on Android and iPhone OS, will Nokia able to make a boost with its new MeeGo? A prototype called Nokia N9 has been leaked on the wild today. It comes in full metallic body, slide out QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen.

According to the post on tieba.baidu, Nokia is planning to announce / release the phone by week 48 this year. As the leaked prototype is not completely same as the latest drawing, there should be some changes on the final production model.

[via Engadget / Eldar Murtazin]

  • http://www.nokiaphonereview.net/nokia-to-unveil-meego-powered-n9-smartphone.html Nokia N9

    Awaiting for release of this phone!