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Nokia Instant Community Makes Social Networking Far Too Easy [Video]

Posted on May 25th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Have you ever been sitting in a cafe, playing around on the available WiFi network there, and had the sudden urge to just set up a chat room with everyone else in the establishment? Sounds like a good time to you? Well, Nokia agrees, and that’s why they’ve come up with Instant Community: a way to create and organize impromptu networks for chatting it up, and sharing your media.

The system is designed to make the Nokia N900 an ad-hoc WiFi connection point. From there, other devices can connect to that, in which turns them into yet another ad-hoc WiFi connection point. Basically, if there were enough people out there doing the same thing, you could potentially fill up an entire stadium with the instant chatting goodness, as each device acts as another repeater, sending the signal along.

As of right now, the initial app that’s creating all the stir of good news is one that allows for large group chatting, which also allows for users to send picture and video messages. The text-based messages would be pushed to the devices without a problem, but with the ad-hoc and multiple devices running on the Instant Community, there’s a lot of latency involved; so Nokia figured out a way to make sending those picture and video message easier: links. As of right now, Nokia’s N900 is getting all of the attention. At least, one’s running MeeGo, anyway. There’s talk that a Symbian device is running the goodness, too, so that opens up the door for quite a few Nokia-based devices out there to get in on the goodness. Unfortunately, Nokia still has a lot of room to axe this project, but we’ll hope that they greenlight it and we can get an official release date soon. Check out the video below.

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[via SlashGear]