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New T-Mobile SideKick Officially Announced

Posted on July 30th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 49 comments

Available today from T-Mobile USA, the new T-Mobile Sidekick powered by Danger allows consumers to upload personal photos from their Facebook page, or other similar sites, and use graphic designs to create their own shells. The T-Mobile Sidekick is also known as Gekko which you have been reading about it in various rumors and leaks.


The new Sidekick features key software improvements including support for video capture, playback and sharing; wireless stereo music and media sharing via Bluetooth; quick friend search and optimized group chats in instant messaging (IM); customizable Web browsing; and universal search across all phone applications and data. In addition, the phone’s shell is customizable, creating a unique look for every device. Users can also visit the Download Catalog to preview and select from hundreds of games, applications, themes and other content and receive purchases instantly.


The new Sidekick is built with removable shells, and at http://www.sidekickshells.com/, users can create their own unique designs — that will be printed directly on the shell and shipped to the customer — to personalize their handset and show off their style.



Now users can see IM status on e-mail messages and in the address book, so they always know when friends are available to chat. IM also becomes easier to use with a “search for friends” feature and the ability to initiate group chats with a simple keystroke.

Check out SlashGear review on the new T-Mobile SideKick here

  • http://n/a jrcrow

    umm..whetever..specs would be nice!!

  • yolie

    I think its awesome finally a sidekick with video replay ^o^

  • anny

    I have this sidekick and its the best lolsz the best thing that ever happend to me!!!!

  • Destini

    I am getting this phone by the end of the month, and I can’t wait becuase I think i may be the only one in my whole class with it, an it’s not that many people in my school with it… I know on the first couple of days I won’t be able to put it down. Then after a while I will be tkaing it to school and havong fun, adding my own custom shells and everything. GOSH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • http://rytqkvnm.com Kazelwqp

    Hi webmaster!

  • deia

    i am getting this phone soon as well& i will be the only one in the skool who has it..omg i cant wait!..

  • jamie

    wow u pl try to show off alot. OMG ILL B THE ONLY 1 IN MY SCHOOL WIT DIS PHONE i dont think it really matter how many ppl have it id jus b happy tht u have it!! i lost all possible chances of getting it =[…. so i have to stay out of trouble, and possibly i might b able to get it according to my research this phone has alot of aduio hiccups.. but overall its a good phon i hear! any way if u have it please tell me any information on software glitches and other problems thnks!!!

  • schenycka

    i love this phone i want this phone 4 christmas this phone is fire sun it’s not even funny i want this phone so madd i will do anything 2 get this phone not anything negative or sexual but like do extra chores or get good or somethings like that

  • Fly Gurl Lexy

    i have dha 08 and i thiink its cOOl im glad i ordered it wt out my moth permission cus i dont think she wudve biught it for meh =] so for dha ones that want it and dont have it ha ha yuu tiight lttahs losers!

  • natieluvv101

    OMG!!!!! this phone is so cute anyone who has it can you please leave a comment where you got it thank you!!!!!! :) :)

  • meff243

    ho eva got dis fone watch out wif it 2day u’ll have it the nex dai they’l snacth it away from ur hands

  • Jessica

    Omfg I wnt this fone so bad I might gt it if I higher my grades which I hope I do

  • dt

    I really want dis phone…does it work in the uk if I get it in america???

  • http://myself twilight freak

    i have this phone and i LOVE it. a couple years ago i had the sidekick 2 and i hated it because it was like texting on a brick! i just designed and ordered a twilight skin for mine! TEAM EDWARD AND TEAM JASPER FOREVER!

  • twilight

    I love and desire this cell phone verrryyyy much!!!!
    How can I buy it???
    pleasseee answeerrr

  • http://googleimages lala girl 14

    omg i am getting this phone soon but in the summer that part stinks but it will be the best thing ever ^~^ i cant wait it is the best cell phone to me forget blackberries and touch screens the touch screens always mess up but they arent the best like this one! peace out peeps :)

  • http://googleimages lala girl 14

    :( i really cant wait i need it now!

  • sck08

    awesome i luv the cover and i adore mine

  • http://?? Marta

    Amazing .!

    Please, can you help me ?

    I from Poland, and I took a English a lot.

    I want buy this pfone, but in Poland is inpasiblle .

    Please, tell me where i can buy this and how money.

    This is my adress mail – marta811@vp.pl

  • http://www.shit.com aphuckinfool

    I’ll sell my pussy 4 this phone

  • Lee Thao

    I want that t-mobile sidekick better. But I never use that before. I useless have boostmobile for once, but doesn’t work for me. I need to think about it. My sister and I like this one too. Sharing one t-mobile sidekick better than boostmobile for pay once months. So, I love it. Can’t wait to get new one. I didn’t buy it, but I always patient for my boostmobile cell phone is not good. Anyway…bye

    See ya…bye

  • Lee Thao

    How much it cost for t-mobile sidekick? Where can I buy it? Which store does I buy???

  • http://wow zainab

    i like the T Mobile so how much it is

  • http://wow hawa

    how much it cost for T Mobile sidekick?

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  • Beanerbaby

    I am getting my sidekick sometime next week and from your peoples comments i cant wait! I bought mine from ebay and it was only like $40.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    The T-Mobile Sidekick is also known as Gekko which you have been reading about it in various rumors and leaks.

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