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New HTC Touch HD ROM Upgrade for EU Released

Posted on April 7th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 27 comments

Although HTC is slowly release new ROM upgrade for its pda phone, ROM cookers in xda-developers forum are doing much better jobs than the company. HTC just announced a new Touch HD ROM upgrade for specific countries in Europe, supports the following languages: English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.


Improved Functions and Fixes

  • Updated the Connection Setup Database.
  • Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode.
  • The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced.
  • A Title bar display flicker in TouchFLO 3D has been corrected.
  • Fixed multiple browsing issues.

You can check the download instructions here, serial number is needed to check for eligibility

  • Vladimir

    if you cannot get rom, try this serial number : ht847kd00009 . It allows to get uk wwe version. Fuck HTC and M$, some coocked ROM work much better, than original.

  • Kim Poh Liaw

    agree… folks at xda-developer are much better than HTC themselves!

  • Sasha

    Vladimir, Thanks for the serial number

  • akiro

    Vladimir, thanks for the S/N dude!!

  • akiro

    Aw! Just tried to update the ROM…

    Half way and this message came up saying:
    “This update cannot be used for your PDA Phone. Please check your Update Utility.”

    I’m guessing there is no way around this is there?

    Maybe Orange has teamed up with HTC to make sure nothing can change on the PDA :( $$$

  • damir

    hello friends!! .. how do i get the HTC Touch HD ROM Upgrade on SWEDISH… plz help me!!

  • Simon

    Hai folks. I need the ROM in Danish. for HTC Touch HD T8282

  • oskar

    hey if you needs that in swedish then i have, guess not so hard from norwegian to sweden

  • Ivan

    hello friends!! .. how do i get the HTC Touch HD ROM Upgrade OR SN NUMBER FOR (EU)…. plz help me!!

  • Standke

    try this S/N : ht965kd00009 Eur_WWE 1.56.401.0

  • Jafar

    Thanks for the serial.. i got screwd bought mine from Asia and the HTC refused to give me the ROM upgdate for the english version.

    donkies :P

    you saved my day (year, been looking for this for a yearr now :)

  • BujjaR

    here is the Serial Number for German version , if some one need it S\N ht91dkd03277 and it will give you the German version 1.52.407.2 latest version , camera works 100% better

  • http://google sajith

    good work brother

  • http://www.cyberneticos.com Anthony Lydick

    Hello guys and gals. If anyone here is using an HTC TOUCH HD and has problems with PIONEER car audio bluetooth, getting “Connection Error”, search for Jetware on google. It fixes the issue!

    I hope my 4 hours of baning headaches has helped anyone

    Anthony Lydick
    CEO CyberNETicos Hosting

  • Telvin

    Hi guys,

    Im looking for an English serial for the HTC touch 3G, my nephew gave me a phone but its German.


  • John Antony

    John, I am from India; Last 3 months i worried about my touch hd 1000S OF THANKS FOR ENG VER SERIAL THANK U VERY MUCH….

  • Nikolay

    Hi Simon,

    I need instead WWE ROM, but I have HTC Touch HD with Danish ROM. Can we help each other)))???

  • frank

    can anyone help me with a serial number that will give me english rom above 1.56.406.1.i have tried the one u have put here but my phone wont downgrade.my phone is in french n i dont understand a thing,thanks guys,and keep up the good work

  • frank

    thanks guys,i finaly managed to change the language on my htc touch hd to english…………..what was i going to do do without u guys.i will have a drink for everyone that posted a comment,peace

  • Ed

    Could someone please post a serial nr (english) which makes it possible to donwload the latest ROM update HTC HD2:

    Many thanks

  • Micka

    hi guy can i use a french rom version to upgrap my touch if the original was in english ?

  • Ben

    Thanks Vladimir.

  • dipesh

    hi friend pls help me. send serial nu htc touch for english .i have an mobile in russian lang.

  • jager

    hy i have htc hd t8282, and is in french, i need a serial so i can move it to english. thank you very much

  • kimi

    hi all please jager send me your SN i will download the french version. Thenk you

  • Muskhan8

     I have an HTC T8282 fone.my problem is that it’s in spanish language. how can i change its language from spanish to english