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Nameo: Single-button business card exchanger for the iPhone

Posted on October 15th, by Budi Putra in featured. No Comments

Meganova BV releases a new applications called Nameo on the App Store recently. The virtual business card exchanger for the iPhone will allow you to exchange your business card with one click with any iPhone users at the same time.

If the similar service like Tapulous which allow iPhone users to exchange information by shaking two iPhones at the same time (but they pulled the App within hours after releasing it), but with Nameo, user just need to do a simple click on the green ‘Connect’ button. This app is available for $2.99 here.

Ah yes, they are also working on Nameo versions for the BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and other phones.

It’s the end of business card? Apparently, yes :-)

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