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MeeGo build for N900 & Atom by end of March 2010

Posted on March 4th, by Chris Davies in archive. No Comments

The team behind Nokia and Intel’s latest open-source endeavour, MeeGo, have revealed the first part of their release timeline, and it’s certainly ambitious.  According to Valtteri Halla – half of the MeeGo Technical Steering Group (TSG) – the team plans to open the MeeGo repository by the end of March 2010, with a basic source and binary repository to build the platform on Intel Atom devices and the Nokia N900.

Nokia N900 MeeGo

We already know that MeeGo will include Qt, OBS and RPM.  According to Halla, much of the other technologies discussed in relation to the new platform are “still under discussion”:

“Further selections are mostly still under discussion and beyond a few obvious ones (X, connman, ofono, gstreamer, dbus,…) can be considered as working assumptions for MeeGo 1 release” Valtteri Hall, TSG, MeeGo

MeeGo brings together Nokia’s work on Maemo, the current OS for the N900, and Intel’s work on Moblin, the open-source OS for netbooks and other low-power devices.