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Intel to Help Support Next Generation WiMAX

Posted on April 12th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

It doesn’t matter where we are in the state of technology. Even if we are encroaching on some of the coolest stuff imaginable, we are inevitably going to be looking at the future of that technology just days later. That’s the nature of the business, and it’s a business we love. But, this is just a bit ridiculous. Riding on the coattails of the first WiMAX-based device, the ecosystem of WiMAX partners is already discussing the next phase: WiMAX 2.

Today, the WiMAX ecosystem partners informed the world that they are going to start focusing on the technicalities of WiMAX 2. Included in the bunch is a new addition: Intel. So, what’s all the hub-bub about WiMAX 2? From what we can tell, it looks to us like it’s just a bridge to WiMAX 3. In essence, WiMAX 2 is being billed as an upgrade to the existing technology, working heavily to focus on interoperability, along with backwards compatibility. The technology meets with current generation standards for 4G technology, as well, meaning that as it gets rolled out, there shouldn’t be any hiccups in its implementation.

The big focus, though, is the fact that WiMAX 2 support increases the already staggering system capacity. Now, with WiMAX 2, peak rates can see a ridiculous 300 Mbps, lower latency, and an increase in VoIP technology/performance. It seems that WiMAX 2 is already a necessity, considering HTC and Sprint are expecting the HTC EVO 4G to be a smash-hit, and therefore take up quite a bit of that 4G bandwidth. It’s good to see supporters like Intel ready to aid in the expansion of WiMAX. It goes without saying that this means it could be around for awhile.

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