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HTC Touch Diamond Unboxing

Posted on May 16th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 24 comments

eprice.com.tw has the chance to unbox a HTC Touch Diamond, and showing what’s included in the retail box. While phonemag has shown you how the clever leather case can clear away your fingerprint, the leather case is not included in the retail box and the staff is not sure if it will be available together with the HTC Touch Diamond. Check out the unboxing photos inside.


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Source [eprice]

  • http://www.webhosting.com jrcrow

    umm..video would be nicer.

  • designworks

    HTC Are becoming the new masters of apple style quality packing, will dump my orbit 2 / polaris for this

  • justblase

    It’d be cool if instead of wasting time and money on packaging HTC would put some resources into doing away with that god awful USB headphone dongle. 3.5mm jack > unique packaging, at least in my book.

  • http://willworkformac.com/ J Doss

    Good job HTC. I’m still an Apple fan and love my iPhone, but I wouldn’t make fun of anyone for carrying this.

  • boe

    While a 2.5 mm jack would be a nice addition – I’d rather they just make BT work so well on this phone I never want to use a standard wired headset. HTC/MS mobile has been slammed since day one about crappy BT quality compared to BT on most phones supplied by carriers for free. How is it that a $500 plus or minus phone can’t compete with a free phone for bluetooth quality? While some would say BT is OK – anyone who has done some serious testing with many headsets and many phones will tell you that HTC phones are notorious for crappy BT (even after they supplied a patch for the mogul).

  • TareX

    I hope you also took a decent video of that unboxing. And WHEN will so called “luxury” phones come with wireless headsets?

    Loving the packaging cover of course…

  • Hawaiing

    Nice packing….just like apple’s! I think packing is really important of all products. Look at Japanese, they pack every thing like it has gold in side! makes everything looks so beautiful

  • outabox

    Different design concept. Keeps with the Diamond theme, but not quite sure if it optimise’s efficiency in palletization or multipack’s. I still think Apple’s iPhone packaging is the best.

  • SpotTheAppleFanBoy

    “I still think Apple’s iPhone packaging is the best.” – outabox

    “Nice packing….just like apple’s! I think packing is really important of all products. Look at Japanese, they pack every thing like it has gold in side! makes everything looks so beautiful” Hawaiing

    Who cares about packaging?!!! I’d perfer to carry the phone around without the package attached, thanks :-) . If anything all phone companies should try and find ways the minimise there total packaging footprint. Too much plastic & cardboard is used for no real again. Oh I forgot, there are still some in the community that like to put their mobile phone to bed at night back it’s original packaging. The rest of us don’t care about the packaging but prefer to play with the product, while we might not throw the packaging out straight away, I bet after the first 2 days tops, you’ve put it under your bed or on top of the cubboard, not to be used or gazed upon. Eventually though it makes it’s way into the bin. :-(

    J Doss (Apple Fan Boy) good on you for acknowledging a good looking product that doesn’t have a apple on the front. Kudos to you.
    I’m probably reverse to you though, I prefer Microsoft product more than Apples but I do own a iPod Nano G3 8GB (Only because I’ve got a way of sync’in it with Windows Media Player)

    Oh by the way this product is on my watch despite the size or colour the box comes in. Let’s just hope it’s a small one.

  • willysp

    boe — I fully agree, my Mogul’s BT is absolutely terrible, to the point that Sprint has agreed to let me swap it for an 800w.

    However, BT on my Touch/Vogue is perfectly fine. From side by side comparisons of BT on the 2 phones, you’d never guess they were made by the same manufacturer. I’m pretty confident that it’ll be just fine on the Diamond, too.

  • willysp

    I thought the packaging on my Touch was very nice – and a total waste of time and money after the 1 minute it took me to unpack it and throw the box away!

    I’d rather have cheaper packaging and an extra screen protector instead!

  • http://consumer-electronics-review.net/ Minas

    Indeed that cleaning case is good idea but even without a case people will buy it.

  • yaksh

    hey is this coming out for U.S.? and if yes what Carrier

  • Kim Poh Liaw

    they should have include the leather case for the sake of the thumbprint

  • Iski

    Oh my,no case for the diamond. Usually HTC and Dopod comes with a case and why not this one. I’m always on the move and wouldn’t like to see my pocket bulge. Where’s the case?No belt case as we people are always on the move?

  • Martinello

    Is there screen protector in box ??

  • Kim Poh Liaw

    yes, at least I saw one in Hong Kong retail package

  • http://www.mobilearsenal.com Szaszati

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  • Kim Poh Liaw

    Nice review, thanks!

  • cco

    thanks Diamond

  • Baris

    Anyone for suggesting a store sells htch diamond screen protector?

  • http://blog.codesignstudios.com Dennison Uy

    One thing that strikes me about the HTC Diamond is the packaging. Very creative and unique!

  • http://www.plotkidwa.pl Zoraida Surrell

    Whats the best way to get apps for the iPad?

  • Beststorelimited95

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