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HTC Special Event: Could May 6th see the launch of the Android Dream?

Posted on April 7th, by Chris Davies in archive, featured. 1 Comment

HTC have just announced a special event to be held on May 6th in London, UK. Since the tagline for the event is “Witness the next wave of HTC Innovation”, the general assumption is that it’s the official launch of HTC’s smartphones based on Google’s Android platform. HTC have already committed to a mid-2008 release for handsets using Android (rather than HTC’s usual OS partner, Windows Mobile).

Android Prototype

The HTC Dream has been long speculated as the company’s first offering running Android; it’s rumored to include many features already seen on the iPhone, such as full touchscreen interface and onscreen keyboard. It’s predicted to measure 5-inches long and 3-inches wide. The picture below was shown in a BBC video as a prototype, and has been undergoing tests at Google. Right now, this device is the closest thing we have to what the Dream phone looks like:

HTC Special Event

Our sister-site PHONE Mag will be live-casting the May 6th event, bringing you whatever innovations HTC announce on the day.

[via PHONE Mag]

  • Its not Android

    I have got a big feeling its not he Android OS line but something totally different. Surprised it has not leaked yet.