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HTC Hero Getting Android 2.1 on April 16th

Posted on April 5th, by Evan Selleck in archive. 3 comments

About time, right? For many people out there, sitting on Android 1.5 is just about the most painful experience of their lives. And it doesn’t help, or make it any easier, that they have to live in the shadow of other devices getting the update before them. But, that’s what comes with the fact that, unlike those other devices, as great as the Hero is, it’s got a bit of an issue when it comes to updates: HTC Sense.

The skin over Android makes it a bit more difficult for developers, engineers, and testers working under HTC’s roof to push out the necessary (or, wanted) updates in a timely fashion. Nevertheless, it’s coming, and at least it’s soon. April 16th, in fact. But, what’s the bad news? The bad news is the fact that it’s not going to be everywhere April 16th. In a letter sent from HTC to an HTC Club member, the updated ROM is going to begin its roll-out on that date, but considering the depth, in which the upgrade needs to hit, it’s probably going to take a few weeks to get everyone tossed in the mix.

As for the phones here in the States running the same hardware, there’s still some questions about when those updates will come through. If the rest of the world is getting it on April 16th, we’d be surprised to see it take much longer after that. Then again, we’re hearing rumors that it could be as early as April 9th for the Sprint version, so we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed with the rest of you. As soon as we get a confirmation, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[via Pocket-Lint]

  • Franz

    Forget it. German HTC support has flatly stated that there won’t be an update, be it to Android 2.1 or something else.

  • Evan Selleck

    And HTC, based in Taiwan, has said that there is, in fact, an update coming to all of their Hero-based devices. That includes all of the HTC Devices (like the one pictured) floating around the European countries, along with the Sprint Hero, and finally Verizon Wireless’ Droid ERIS.

    So, the update is definitely coming.

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