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HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update Not Coming Until June

Posted on April 21st, by Evan Selleck in archive. 2 comments

Bad news. There’s no way around it: this is just bad news. If you’ve been keeping up with the torrid love affair that HTC has with Android 2.1, then you know that the much needed update from Android 1.5 to Android 2.1 has been long overdue. And teased, and rumored, and even confirmed at one point or another over the last several months. Dating back to October, actually. But, now, it seems that HTC has pushed the prodigal update to June for the HTC Hero.

Initially thought to be hitting HTC Hero’s all over the world some time in February or March, it then turned into a “maybe” situation, before HTC apparently suggested that April 4th would be the date that roll-outs would begin. Then, not surprisingly (yet just as aggravating), HTC confirmed to a customer that April 16th would be the day-of-days. Well, that passed, and there’s still no Android 2.1 for the HTC Hero.

Here’s why: apparently HTC have pushed the update back to June. In an email confirmation to Pocket-Lint, it seems that HTC Hero owners will get a prep update to prepare their device for the major Eclair update, and then a day or two later (hopefully) the full update will head their way. Terrible news for Hero owners out there who have been patiently waiting for this update, and we can’t help but think that this was poorly handled by HTC in the long-run. Because, also from HTC, there’s still an Eclair update scheduled for the end of this month. We’re just as confused as you are.

[via Pocket-Lint]

  • Andy

    That one finally pushed me over the edge… Still no pay-apps and now no 2.1 until June. Just put out an ad for my Hero and ordered an iPhone. I might go back when HTC/Android get their sh*t together.


  • http://www.htc-hero.com htc hero

    Does anyone know which sort of video information are supported? I bear in mind the Instinct solely could dl 3gp using opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, perhaps that is the issue? How can I watch videos from websites other than youtube? Which file varieties? Usually I am given the choice of 3gp or mpeg4. Can’t get either to work. Thank you for your time! Rattling I wish I used to be eligible for the upgrade to EVO!