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HTC Desire HD Promotional Video

Posted on September 17th, by Effie Tjhai in archive, featured, videos. 7 comments

Right now, HTC Desire HD and Z had become the center of attention. After their introduction recently, the media never stop talking about it. If you are also curious about the HTC Desire HD like the rest of us. There’s many thing you can find in this video.

In the video, they mention many fantastic things that will brightener your day. HTC Desire HD is a multimedia smartphone with an amazing touch of sureness. The device has 4.3-inch Super AMOLED LCD display, 8 megapixels camera that allow you to take HD video. There’s also Adobe Flash where you can play Flash games or other thing that required Flash with comfort. Now, they have a system called “Quick Lookup” which allows you to look up the meaning of word or a video via Google and Youtube.

Are you one of those who easily forget where did you put your phone? Don’t worry because now when you go to HTCSense.com, you can track where did you put your phone and erase the data when it’s lost or stolen. Not only that, the Desire HD also helps those who are busy in the office/school. If you are in the meeting or class and forget to silent your phone, well, simply turn the screen down and the phone will automatically silent. Check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

[via MobileCrunch]

updated video link!

  • Chris Harris

    This is something most of the companies are doing these days and I would say it’s really nice idea.
    Chris Harris

  • http://www.fonez.ie fonez.ie

    Hi Effie,

    I would love to watch the video but for some reason it’s coming up “This is a private video……” must be something new YouTube are doing. If I can’t view it you’re other reader are going to have the same problem.

  • Effie Tjhai

    Yes you’re right. Before I put the post and video, it was perfectly fine and I able to watch it but somehow, its disappear and come with “This is a private video……” like you have mention. I’ll try to fix it. Thank you for your comment.

  • Effie Tjhai

    Apparently, the uploader has decided to hide the video. Unfortunately, we’re unable to show the video anymore.

  • RobD

    Please can you use another web video system, the google utube is a PITA!

  • Effie Tjhai

    Now the video can be watch!! I hope you guys enjoy it!! Thank you for the comment.

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