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Hop-on Releases Upgraded Anti-iPhone for $13.99

Posted on October 7th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. No Comments

Hop-on today announces that its GSM cell phone, the HOP1811, will be available in the United States for $13.99 with a Graffiti Wireless Airtime Plan. “I use a 3G iPhone, it is a complicated, expensive device. Our phone is an 850/1900 MHz with AMR. You are not going to drop calls in similar areas as our competitor’s device. I challenge anyone to make a call faster than on the HOP1811,” says Hop-on CEO Peter Michaels. “With the cost of living and a borderline recession, this phone is going to be a huge sell for Hop-on in the US and international commerce. We also have a European 900/1800 MHz phone for our international partners.”


Hop 1810 (Hop 1811 Photo not available at the moment)

The HOP1811 is a dual-band 850/1900MHz, or 900/1800MHz phone for Europe and Asia, weighing a scant 79 grams, offers 4 hours of talk time, 150 hours of standby time and polyphonic ring tones. Though low in cost, the HOP1811 uses reliable Infineon chip sets for excellent audio quality, reception and call stability. An MP3 option can also be added to this low-end phone. The company offers a $5 rebate for returning the phone to encourage recycling to “Keep it Green.”