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GPS Unlocked on Verizon Wireless’s BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl

Posted on December 5th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 6 comments

Not sure if this is an intentional release, a non-official firmware update has unlocked the built in GPS of BlackBerry 8330 Curve and BlackBerry 8130 Pearl. Quite a number of users on BGR blog post and Howardforums have reported positive on the unlocked GPS. The GPS is said to be working with 4.5 OS but not the 4.3 OS.


  • Ori

    Verizon merely threw us a bone by unlocking the GPS for BlackBerry Maps on OS 4.5.

    The GPS in my Curve 8330 is still inaccessible to any other GPS-dependent application I try. It only works with BB Maps.

    I complained, quite stridently at times, to a number of Verizon tech support and customer service drones about this, both in person, on the phone and via email. They all give me the same infuriating BS story. First they claim to not know what I’m talking about, then they “look into it” and, finally they let me know that the GPS in my Curve is just not supported for “security reasons” but they’ll be glad to let me sign up for VZ Navigator for $10/month.

    But they’re always so polite! Is there anything else they could help with with today???

    They’re such a @#$%& racket!

  • roger

    I have the same problem. I went to Verizon store today and they couldn’t get it to work with a GPS dependent application. I want to download a golf program and keep getting error message: GPS not enabled.
    They checked settings and everything is set correctly. It’s a “nobody knows” problem. But like you they were ready to enable and sell me the VZ Navigator for 10 bucks a month.
    Verizon should just unlock the GPS. I may switch because of it.
    Very disappointed in them, but am sure they could care less.

  • Dave

    I paid $10 a month for VZ Nav, and green finder still doesn’t work. Anyone with help? My BB maps works too but not greenfinder, it looks like a great App.

  • Tony

    I purchased a golf app and cant wait to use it. However verizon says my GPS is locked for google maps. The people I bought the app from (MTTgolf) says it’ll work great with a gps bluetooth until they can negotiate with verizon to unlock the GPS. However Verizon bb storm is unlocked! whats the difference! if its such a security risk then why is the storm able to be unlocked BY verizon.

  • Rodger

    Hi guys, i have a BB 8100, the gps is also locked even though i have updated to v4.5.0.180(platform I use a BT GPS reciever (bought from ebay) with a bluetooth connection to the phone with BBGPSgolf as the golf software, (its easy to gps your own local golf course via google maps) I have also loaded the Blackberry App World and downloaded the Golf GPS, and I’am going to try that software on 06/04/2010 on the golf course.

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