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Google Earth now available for Apple iPhone

Posted on October 27th, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured, videos. 1 Comment

Google has just announced on their blog that they have released Google Earth for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The application is now available on iTunes App Store, you can use the application to navigate through the Earth in 3D modeling like the Google Earth on Desktop. Local Search is also available in Google Earth, giving you a convenient access to local business directory in your city. To get Google Earth on your iPhone, visit the App Store in iTunes or your iPhone, and search for “Google Earth.”


The Google Earth for iPhone has also got some nice multi-touch integration from Google. According to the release, you can

Just swipe your finger across the screen and you fly to the other side of the globe; tilt your phone and your view tilts as well. You can pinch to zoom in or out, or just double tap with one finger to zoom in and two fingers to zoom out. We also integrated the My Location feature, so with a touch of a button, you can fly to where you are in the real world on your phone.

In addition, we have over eight million Panoramio photos, which are geo-located photos of places, and you can view any and all of them from your iPhone. Besides being beautiful, high-quality pictures, they’re specifically of places, so you don’t have to see some guy’s family on vacation in Thailand–you can see the beaches, the temples, all the things that give you a real sense of the place. Here is a nice shot of the Grand Palace that I found on my virtual tour of Bangkok.

See a video in action below

YouTube Preview Image

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