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Goodrec launches mobile recommendation application

Posted on September 10th, by Budi Putra in archive. No Comments

Listed as one of the start-up presenters at TechCrunch50, Goodrec introduces a service for mobile browsers that features recommendations from people you trust. It’s an interesting Web 2.0 application in mobile phone but facing a lot of competition.

According to CNET, the challenge for GoodRec is getting distribution and users to create a social web of recommendations. Users are already giving recommendations on Facebook, MySpace, Yelp, and a variety of other other services.

They said in their website:

Goodrec is the easiest way to make, find and remember recommendations among friends.

After years of seeking and making recommendations for everything from brunch spots to beach books via phone calls, emails, and crumpled paper napkins (often only to lose them moments later), we decided there had to be a better way!

Existing online review sites didn’t address our needs…

Reading through wordy online reviews from people we’d never met took too long and didn’t mean much to us anyway. Visiting different sites for different topics was a hassle. And more importantly, our friends weren’t submitting reviews online because it was just too much effort. We were always asking for ideas and tips, then having to keep track of them somehow.

Since Goodrec has a lot of competition, they should think to integrate their service to a number of social networks in order to invite and engage many users.