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Galaxy Tab Firmware Will Come With Protected Bootloader Leak

Posted on December 27th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. No Comments

The Samsung Galaxy Tab latest leaked firmwares comes with protected bootloader. It disable custom ROM flashing abilities from the tablet. The XDA Moderator Chainfire post as the following:

Some of these ROMs include new bootloaders. These bootloaders check checksums/signatures in various parts of the firmwares. The “normal” Samsung ROMs, nor custom ROMs and kernels, have these checksums.

The result is that once flashed, you cannot revert to older/official/custom Samsung ROMs, and you are pretty much stuck using one of these four ROMs, as they are the only ones containing the right checksums.

There is no known fix. I know, I’ve tried all of them some people suggested in other threads. None of them really works. Sure, with some effort, you can get a different firmware to somewhat run, but you’ll still be using the “checksum” bootloaders and the kernel will not be modified. You will still be running the kernel from the “checksum” firmware you loaded earlier. You will not be able to do full flashes, nor will KIES updates work.

[via XDA Developer]