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First Sony Ericsson Android Smartphone will run Android OS 2.0

Posted on May 22nd, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive, featured. 1 Comment

On a Sony Ericsson product showcase event in Taiwan, eprice has got the company’s vice president of marketing, Peter Ang, talk about the development of Android smartphone. Among the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android, Sony Ericsson is now putting more resources on its new Android smartphone according to Peter Ang. This does not mean we will see its Android based smartphone so soon, Peter Ang simply said it will happen “in the near future” and will be running a new Android OS 2.0 with Sony Ericsson’s unique style (probably new user interface design).

Other than news on the Sony Ericsson Android smartphone, Peter Ang has also confirmed that the company will continue to release new smartphones based on Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

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