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Droid Incredible Shows up in Best Buy Inventory, Costs a Pretty Penny

Posted on April 15th, by Evan Selleck in archive. No Comments

Now that the Droid Incredible is all official and what not, and we’ve even seen the official specifications sheet, it’s time to start finding out where this handset is being sent. Sure enough, the yellow tag reseller, known better as Best Buy, is getting their very own stock of the incredible Android-based device, sure to rock the socks off of any new (or upgrading) Verizon Wireless customer. Unless you’re going to buy it out right, that is.

The big question right now, we think, is whether this screenshot of an internal Best Buy inventory actually means something beyond its face value. While April 29th is the listed date from Verizon Wireless of the Incredible’s launch, Best Buy has been known to legally sell a handset before the wireless carrier. It happened with the Motorola Devour, for instance. So, does the fact that Best Buy is getting the handset on April 25th mean they might actually start selling it then, too? And, will this $599.99 out-right price stick around, or will it get a price drop before the official launch?

The more likely of answers is that that is when the reseller is going to get their stock, but they won’t be able to put the phone out on shelves until the April 29th launch, or street date. Of course, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be given the option to buy this Android 2.1 running Sense UI goodness, 3.7-inch AMOLED display showcasing, 1GHz Snapdragon processor powered juggernaut of a phone early. It can’t hurt to dream, right?

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