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CSR gives the world’s first public demo of Bluetooth low energy in a handset

Posted on July 22nd, by Kim Poh Liaw in archive. 9 comments

CSR gave the world’s first public demonstration of Bluetooth low energy technology provided by CSR’s BlueCore7 in a mobile phone handset. The demonstration took place at the San Francisco meeting of the Bluetooth SIG Medical Working Group and consisted of a set of weighing scales and a temperature sensor connected via Bluetooth low energy to a cell-phone. The Bluetooth SIG expects final adoption of Bluetooth low energy technology in Q1, 2009.


The demonstration showed the two Bluetooth low energy devices transferring data to the handset using a Bluetooth low energy advertising packet without any prior configuration or pairing. When a button is pressed on the weighing scales the embedded Bluetooth low energy radio wakes up and sends a short burst of data to the handset. The temperature sensor transmits data continuously. The name and value of both sensors are then simultaneously displayed on the phone. The application automatically updates the display with the new value each time a new advertising packet is received.

The mobile phone handset was modified for the purpose of the demonstration to incorporate CSR’s BlueCore7 dual mode silicon (Bluetooth low energy and Bluetooth v2.1), and a Java API and MIDlet application to provide a simple user interface for displaying the information received.

Bluetooth low energy (previously known as Ultra Low Power Bluetooth or Wibree) is designed to be used to transfer simple data sets between compact devices. The technology uses fewer frequencies (3 rather than 32) to make connections compared with standard Bluetooth, resulting in lower power consumption when connectable.

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