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Case-Mate Unveiled iPhone 4 Cases

Posted on January 6th, by Effie Tjhai in archive. 1 Comment

Sometimes you want unique accessories for your brand new iPhone 4. Well, Case-Mate® has just unveiled their newest product that was design by Erik Arlen, an industrial designer which known for his innovative shoe design for Nike. There are four unique design that Case-Mate® will offered you.

The four different design that Erik Arlen has created are:
– Quartet is four different interlocking color blocks which will let its user to mismatch the color’s case.
– Stacks contains six different color bands lock together to create ultimate color combination.
– Egg have extruded dots of different heights that distinctively Pop-modern egg create and it has a rubbery feeling to it. It will be available in white, blue, red, and black.
– Facets is very similar to HTC Diamond case. It has different size of triangles covered with three unique coatings to shine things up.

Both Quartet and Stacks will be price at $34.99, while the Egg and Facets cost $24.99. The case is now available via www.case-mate.com/erikarlen/.

Press Release

Case-Mate® Gives Your Mobile Device Something Chic to Wear Industrial Designer Erik Arlen’s new Case-mate Collections Offer Fashion-Forward Options
for the Latest Must-Have Tech Accessories
ATLANTA, January 6, 2011 — Case-Mate®, known for its innovative accessories that protect, adorn and enhance mobile technology, has tapped modern industrial designer Erik Arlen to create an edgy new line of iPhone 4 cases just in time for CES.
Best known for his innovative shoe designs for Nike, Arlen brings his industrial aesthetic to Case-Mate consumers with a collection that incorporates bold colors, textures and modular pieces.
“Fashion-forward consumers will love the look and feel of the Erik Arlen line,” said Shashi Reddy, founder and CEO of Case-Mate. “Our collaboration with Erik underscores our commitment to innovative, craftsmanship and personal expression through modular, customizable case design; this is just the first of many such design partnerships to come.”
The Erik Arlen for Case-Mate line includes four distinctive designs:
-Quartet, $34.99: Four different interlocking color blocks allow consumers to customize the look of their case.
-Stacks, $34.99: Six color bands lock together to create a case with endless color combinations tailored specifically to an individual’s taste and style.
-Egg, $24.99: Extruded dots of different heights simulate the distinctive look of a Pop- modern egg crate and create an interesting feel in hand. Available in red, white, blue and black.
-Facets, $24.99: Harmonious intersections of varying-sized triangles visually inspire while three unique coatings provide interest to the touch. Available in red, white or black.
The Erik Arlen collection for Case-Mate line is available only at www.case-mate.com/erikarlen/.

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  • Julio

    As far style is concerned these iPhone 4 cases look great, but what about protection? I mean if you accidentally drop the iphone which is what the cases are supposed counteract.